maria (starchick3214) wrote,

happy relationships make one gain weight and im not so very happy with that. however, i am working on it, asap.
sometimes i think i'm too demanding and sometimes i think i'm not enough, i dont know my limits sometimes. i'm feeling really emotional right now and im letting some stuff get to me which i shouldnt.
i miss my mother tremendously and i really hope she starts feeling better soon. i'm gonna be in ecuador for xmas and new years this year so that should be interesting. i really like my diff eq prof., he's a blast. weird weird weird weird asian guy. its the week before finals so i dont really do much but study and talk to luis. i really wish he was here, things are a little hard sometimes. worth it though, completely completely worth it.
lately my stalking techniques have not been as sharp as usual, yet i still manage to creep up on stuff enough to let it upset me. its always been like that and i never change! grrrrr

i hope this summer turns out to be a good one
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